AI Career Advisor

Fariko.AI helps with an AI career advice bot that provides personalized career and study guidance. Users enter terms such as "Occupation," "MBTI," "Hobby," or "Activities" to get specific advice on possible professions, appropriate personality types, and the pros and cons of each field. It helps users explore and narrow their career options based on their interests and personality profiles.
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AI Career Advisor
Fariko, Alexander Korf

In today's rapidly evolving job market, finding a career that suits you is a challenge that many of us face. This is where AI Career Advisor, a career advice bot, comes to the rescue. The aim of AI Career Advisor is to support individuals in exploring possible further education and career choices in an interactive and personal way.

How to Use AI Career Advisor

The user starts the dialogue with AI Career Advisor by typing one of four “initial words”: Occupation, MBTI, Hobby, or Activity(s), followed by specific information. For example, if you are interested in police work, type "Occupation: Police". AI Career Advisor will then ask a series of questions or provide information based on the term entered.

Example situations for using AI Career Advisor

1. Career orientation:

A user types "Occupation: Graphic Designer". AI Career Advisor could then respond with:

  • A list of 5 different roles within graphic design, such as logo designer, UX/UI designer, and so on.
  • A list of 5 activities that a graphic designer can perform.
  • A list of MBTI profiles that often fit well with graphic design.
  • Benefits of a Career in Graphic Design.
  • Challenges that graphic designers may face.

2. Personality-based Career Advice:

A user fills out their MBTI profile, for example "MBTI: INFP". AI Career Advisor would advise on:

  • 7 professions that suit INFPs well, such as writer or psychologist.
  • Occupational activities that INFPs are likely to enjoy.
  • Strengths and challenges of the INFP profile in the professional sphere.

3. Hobby to Career Transition:

Suppose a user says "Hobby: Chess". AI Career Advisor can then suggest:

  • Professions where strategic thinking and problem solving are important.
  • MBTI profiles who often like chess.
  • How strategic thinking in chess can be useful in different professions.

4. Activities and Career Choices:

A user can type "Activities: Volunteering". Based on this, AI Career Advisor can recommend:

  • Professions in the non-profit sector or social services.
  • Personality types that tend to volunteer.
  • How the skills gained through volunteer work can be an asset in many careers.
  • In each situation, Career AI Advisor ends with the question "What items would you like to explore further?" to encourage the user to delve deeper into the information provided and receive more personalized advice.

The innovation of AI Career Advisor lies in its ability to analyze a multitude of data and personalize it into advice that resonates with the user's unique skills, interests and personality. With this, AI Career Advisor serves as a bridge between current skills and future career aspirations.

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